Spaghetti carbonara FAIL

Looks like it might be tasty, right? WRONG. | Brave New Food

As an amateur cook, I always follow recipe directions exactly. I mean, nearly 100 percent accurate all of the time.

I’m not a “pinch of this” or “pinch of that” kind of cook. And I never will be. I’ve come to accept that.

I mean, full disclosure, every once in a while I’ll flub up due to misreading or getting distracted by something on TV.

Like for a German chocolate icing last year, I accidentally used egg whites instead of yolks. It took FOREVER to thicken. I actually did that one more time after before I realized it, remembering that I had used egg whites the previous time.

But, I’m generally pretty darn careful.

So, let’s see.

Dear sphagetti carbonara recipe,

How can I put this? … It’s not me, it’s you.



I won’t disclose the source of this recipe. I *am* a lady after all. ;)

But I think the biggest problem was a lack of proper seasoning. For the sauce, it called for only heavy cream, bacon and eggs. No garlic, no nothing. No garlic? I should have known.

But, good lord, it was really bland. It tasted like licking a raw egg.

My sweet husband kept eating his. I asked him why he was continuing to eat it, and he said, “Well, I’ve got to eat something.”

So much for gobbling it down to spare his wife’s feelings. ;)

But not me, man. I had cheese and crackers that night.

PS) I wanted to include this fail to assure you that I will never post anything that I don’t deem delicious myself. It would be kind of rude to blog about a dud of a recipe and make someone else experience a kitchen fail. So, consider this a promise to be honest in a recipe’s level of tasty.

PPS) If you have a good spaghetti carbonara recipe, please post below, as I’d love to get this one right one of these days.


6 Responses to Spaghetti carbonara FAIL

  1. alayos says:

    This post made me laugh on a day when I didn’t think I’d be laughing–thanks!

  2. aflaten says:

    This was awesome. Uh, the post I mean. Not the nasty raw egg pasta.

    When are you going to post the recipe for cheese and crackers? I think I might be able to tackle that one.

  3. Trust your instincts. You were right to wonder why there wasn’t any seasoning! Just because you think you’re an amateur doesn’t mean you can’t spot a bad egg, I mean apple!

  4. […] Success: Granny Zeller’s marinara. Failure: Spaghetti carbonara. […]

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