Happy Halloween!

Awesome pumpkin carved by the hubs.

I have a special place in my heart for Halloween.

My mom was a bit of a stickler about having candy in the house.

As in, we ate carob bars instead of chocolate.

But on Halloween, glorious Halloween, it was a sugar-high free for all.

My brother and I got to keep every bit of the candy we earned and could eat as much as we wanted.

Because of this, I always was always especially excited about trick-or-treating at the “good houses.”

You know, the houses that have 90% chocolate in their candy bowls and are uber generous with the handfuls.

I have always wanted to be that house.

And so, I inevitably go way overboard and buy way too much candy for the roughly dozen or so trick-or-treaters we’ll get.

But, I love it.

And this year, I have a few special guests coming, my adorable two little cousins and a sweet two-year-old neighbor.

This was me and my little cousin, Amelia, at halloween last year:

This year, she’ll be dressing up as Mickey Mouse (nope, not Minnie) and her newborn sister, Eliza, will be a chili pepper. <3

So, in addition to the tons of candy I’ll be handing out, I’ve enjoyed watching scary movies and shows over the last two weeks.

“Walking Dead,” anyone?

I made spiced pumpkin seeds. And then remembered that I hate pumpkin seeds.

I made this crack candy caramel corn, cravings for which just. won’t. quit.

Hope your Halloween is awesome.

Watch “The Strangers” or “The Descent” if you’re looking for a quality scary movie.

Oh, and don’t watch them alone. ;)



2 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Joanne says:

    LOL YAY you are one of the cool houses now! My house is quiet too…not many people come around. That means more for the kids who do come!

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