Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

This year’s Thanksgiving holiday is special to me.

Partly because I missed spending it in NC with my fam last year.

Twas uncomfortably close to my thesis proposal defense.

(Don’t worry, I passed my actual thesis defense and have since graduated. Cupcakes were had.)

And don’t get me wrong, last year was awesome – the hubs and I watched the entirety of “Gone with the Wind” (there’s an intermission!?) and were fed all kinds of deliciousness by our friends Rob and Rebekah.

But this year, on my mom’s side, the entire fam damily is coming – I’m talking everyone.

Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins – the whole lot.

My sister Lauriel and I will inevitably do our annual foot race to hold the first baby who arrives.

It’s a thing.

There will be two Thanksgivings for some of us in our family.

My husband, brother and I will start off at our dad and stepmom’s house for Thanksgiving lunch and then head out to our aunt’s for Thanksgiving dinner.

Talk about being well-fed.

And on a side note …

While you’re seeing everyone this holiday season, be extra sweet to those you love.

And tell them how much you love them.

How much they mean to you.

You won’t regret it.

Lastly, best of luck to all of you preparing the big meal yourself – hang in there, it’s totally worth it!

6 Responses to Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

  1. little omnivore says:

    Big family Thanksgivings are the best. I’m excited to have my own come in this week.

    Happy eating!

  2. Karen says:

    I think that you will be as stuffed as the turkey. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

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