Thanksgiving recap

By this point, I hope everyone is over that terrible (but worth it) way-too-full feeling.

I know that I skipped out on my mamaw’s chocolate eclair by the end of of it, and that’s saying something.

(One year I finished off my enormous Thanksgiving plate with a big hunk of eclair and then drank a big glass of milk. Milk?! … Let’s just go with “ouch.”)

This year, I woke up on T-day at my Dad and Julie’s house raring to go.

Had a bowl of cinnamon granola cereal (how is everything so delicious at their house??) and sat down to have a chat with my Grandpa about his days as a Marine in Hawaii before the war.

Then Julie and I got to work, though she had done all of the prep by that point.

I peeled apples for the apple crisp and made the cranberry relish (a recipe that first called for simmering whole cranberries in white wine with cloves and bay leaves – yum).

She gracefully hustled about with the rest – all the while with that delicious (brined) bird in the oven.

We were working so hard that I even had to borrow a skirt from her at one point due to the turkey-heated kitchen.

Also, ps by the way, I was told it was going to be cold in North Carolina.


But by the end of it, we had one amazing Thanksgiving lunch, served on my great-grandmother’s china.

My grandpa said, “I know my mother’s not with us anymore, but I think she had something to do with this.”

Then it was off to my Aunt Sonja’s house (who graciously offered to host this year) for Thanksgiving dinner.

The tables were decorated so adorably with wild flowers and these super creative yellow-leaf place cards.

There were about 30-gajillion of us home for the holiday, and as my nephew, Jesse, said, we “appear to be breeding like rabbits.”

No complaints here! I held my two-month-old niece Eliza (hostage) for the entire night.

If my folks didn’t think I was baby crazy before then, I’m sure they do now.

The end result was so deliciously impressive, from the pub spread and crab dip to the pumpkin pie and chocolate eclair (though, as I said, I missed out on dessert due to a literal lack of room).

Note: Tell me you wouldn’t have slammed down your outstanding dinner so you could steal that little butterball away again.

Just saying.

Happy pre-holidays, everyone.

2 Responses to Thanksgiving recap

  1. Karen says:

    What a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family…and an oh so cute baby.

  2. thank you! and, oh man, I just want to gobble her up. ;) no marinade required.

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