French cooking class (part II)

With two more French cooking classes under my belt, I’m feeling sassy.

(As if I needed any more sass in my kitchen.)

Like our first two classes, we covered a lot of delicious territory.

The talented Chef Michel Maloiseau had a lot more to teach us.

We learned how to make short dough (for quiche/savory crusts and pies).

This alone has changed everything for me.

For example, with it, I made a chicken pot pie entirely from scratch the other day.

You’re impressed, I can tell.

We learned so many valuable tips and methods of cooking, from how to crack an egg (“just don’t be scared”) to how to filet a flounder.

We also covered so many more recipes, all worth trying again on my own time.

I made his baked chicken crapaudine (fresh herb and goat cheese-stuffed chicken).

Oh man, so succulent and refreshing.

Other highlights included:

– Quiche lorraine

– Ile flottante crème anglaise and caramel (English custard cream with caramel)

– Sauteed trout filet

– Fish filet with fine champagne sauce

– (Semolina) gnocchi

– Fresh salmon mousse

– Asparagus flans

– Raspberry creme brûlée

And you know what else?

Our class got along so well and enjoyed the course so much that we’re all getting together again.

One week from today, we’re all meeting up for a French food potluck.

I’m bringing a baked brie appetizer.

The chef’s making clams and mussels.

It’s on.


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