Zucchini bread

June 6, 2011

Zucchini bread | Photo by BNF

Some days, a granola bar just won’t cut it.

But most of the time I don’t want that either.

I struggle with what to eat for breakfast.

Like. Every. Single. Day.

My mom – as recently as last week, mind you – reminded me of the importance of eating protein in the morning.

She (bless her sweet heart) used to give me about 9 million options in an attempt to be nice about not allowing me to skip it.

“Do you want cheese toast? How about a scrambled egg sandwich with tomato? Or cereal? What about an egg with toast?” Read the rest of this entry »


Garlic knots

January 30, 2011

Quick and easy garlic knots | Photo by Brave New Food

When judging restaurants, some people [see: me] care a little too much about the bread. There’s nothing worse than a bucket of peanuts or worse — nothing — on the table where the following should be:  warm, yeasty goodness to fill up on before your entrée. There’s probably a reason corporate restaurants have begun to offer things like “soup, salad and breadsticks.” People dig bread.

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